What the press writes about me…

“In works by Handel and Mozart, the internationally active pianist both played with dignified restraint while still letting the beautiful melodic lines sing. In the second set of pieces from the "Suite Espagnole" by Albeniz, Spanish impressions and imagery arose in her impressive hands. With two Etudes and the Fantasie in F minor, Op. 49 by Chopin, Klinkenberg again demonstrated the full range of the piano leading up to an emotional, massive fortissimo of rapid and sparkling scale runs. An impressive concert that will resonate with listeners for a long time.”

- Pforzheimer Zeitung

“Claudia Klinkenberg is an absolutely extraordinary pianist and musician. I am always impressed by her originality and artistic touch, and her great technical ability and dexterity. I admire her seemingly effortless precision, the wide palette of her sounds, and especially the spirituality of her musical voice. I recommend her without reservation for any concert event.’

- Peter Feuchtwanger, London
Guest Professor Mozarteum Salzburg
Vice Chairman and Artistic Adviser Artfest London
Ass Director EPRIM Pianistic European Research in Maastricht
Vice President International Academy for Musical Education Association
Vice President BPSE Beethoven Piano Society of Europe
Trustee Tureck Bach Research Foundation
Vice President EPTA (UK) European Piano Teachers Association
Vice Chairman Massenet Society
Vice Chairman ISSTIP International Society for the Study of Tension in Performance

"... An impressive performance...” (General Anzeiger, Bonn)

"... Impressed the crowd with the ease and precision of her piano playing... sensitive and sophisticated style... convincing interpretation..." (SZ)

"Virtuosic, confident and joyous..." (Bonner Rundschau)

"She is a romantic. You can feel the undercurrent of fire. The pianist was full of concentration, but her playing seemed so easy... Her technique was excellent, she mastered the most difficult passages with ease and confidence.... The audience was thrilled and justly rewarded Claudia Klinkenberg with roaring applause." (Linzer Zeitung)

"And not only with perfection, but above all with much feeling. Clear, concise notes spring with ease from her nimble fingers through her grand piano... an incredible and especially highly differentiated sonority in her sound. Klinkenberg's playing belies the level of difficulty, so light and precise as she plays. Although technically almost perfect, her playing is far from the at times mechanical and bloodless precision so common among many Asian pianists. Claudia Klinkenberg’s very impressive artistry, in contrast, is very passionate and compelling." (Schrobenhausener Zeitung)

"... with great dedication, technical skill and musical empathy a valid, even touching interpretation" (Badische Neueste Nachrichten)

"... excellent pianist..." “It was meant to be, it was so beautiful!", the great poet Goethe would have probably commented, were he to have written this review." (Münstersche Zeitung)