• Production of audio CDs of classical music, world music, folklore and children’s songs since 1996
  • Radio and television recordings, piano recitals, soloist with orchestra, and member of chamber music groups of two to five performers since 1989
  • Personal Assistant to Professor Günter Reinhold at the Musical High School in Karlsruhe, Germany between 1989 and 1990
  • Increased breadth of schooling; professional accompaniment, leader of improvisation courses, preparation of students for examinations at the Karlsruhe Musical High School between 1984 and 2004
  • Have worked with, and been a friend of, the pianist and composer Peter Feuchtwanger of London from 1983 to the present
  • Ongoing education in piano and music theory since the age of 15
  • Have played the guitar and contrabass through high school, and have been a pianist in various jazz, classical and pop groups since the age of 19
  • Have given recitals since age 13
  • Have been a pianist in a jazz band since age 12


  • Study of Baroque performance on the piano, fortepiano, and harpsichord and other keyboard instruments with Emilia Fadini in Mailand, Italy and Peter Feuchwanger in London since 2004
  • Graduate of international master classes with Professor Peter Feuchtwanger, Professor Dinorah Varsi, Professor Edith Picht-Axenfeld, Professor Rudolf Kehrer between 1984 and 2004
  • Attended the Musical High School in Karlsruhe, Germany majoring in solo piano, piano chamber music, song accompaniment, and improvisation with Günter Reinhold, Werner Genuit and others between 1984 and 1995. Awarded a Diploma and Master’s Degree in Fine Arts
  • Studies in musicology and psychology at the University of Bonn between 1983 and 1984
  • Graduation from high school, Bad Honnef, Germany in 1983
  • Studies in Indian and Arabian music: harmony, percussion, and stringed instruments from 1980 to 1998